How to get more sleep while pregnant

We all know that sleep becomes a distant memory once that little bundle of joy arrives…but during pregnancy too?! Anxiety, stress and the general discomfort of growing a baby can keep us awake for hours during pregnancy, so here are a few tips to help you make the most of those precious hours of sleep before parenthood begins!

Bedtime routine

A bedtime routine can work just as well for adults as it does for kids, and will help to let your body and mind know that soon it’s time to switch off for the night. Include relaxing activities such as reading, writing in a journal, knitting or listening to a podcast, and try to avoid using your phone or laptop – even if it’s to look at the latest design baby shoes online (!

Go to sleep earlier

Going to bed is never tempting when you’re struggling to sleep and don’t feel tired, but make your bedtime half an hour earlier and know that you can spend this time relaxing in bed instead of desperately trying to fall asleep.


Prenatal yoga is the perfect way to wind down and can help you to de-stress, relax and move your body in a gentle way. Incorporate breathing techniques to calm your nervous system and get your body into a resting state.

Sleeping positions

Finding a comfortable position to sleep in during pregnancy can be tough, especially during those final months! It’s suggested that the safest way to sleep is on your left side – once there, bend your knees and pop a pillow between them to keep your legs level with your hips and prevent pain. Place another small pillow underneath your bump if it feels good, and snuggle up. If this position is still uncomfortable for you, you can lay on your back as long as you sleep on an incline. Basically, whichever position you choose, use all of the pillows!


Using a scent each night can help your mind to recognize that it’s time to go to sleep. A calming lavender body moisturizer is a great way to relax whilst smothering your growing belly with love.

To-do list

If you have an endless list of jobs going round in your head, write them all down before you go to sleep and know that they will be there the next morning for you to start working through!

Give these tips a try, and hopefully you’ll be on your way collecting those precious hours of sleep that you will desperately miss very soon!