What you really need in your nursery

Take a look around Instagram and you’ll see beautifully laid out and minimally designed nurseries…but is this realistic? Here we’re going to have a look at what you really need to have in your nursery, and what can help you to achieve that stylish and timeless look in your baby’s first bedroom.

It goes without saying that you will obviously need a cot in your nursery, but these can take up a lot of space in what might be a small part of your house. Opt for something simple and plain that will go with any type of décor that you choose. Also consider a cot that transforms into a bed for an older child by removing one of the sides. You may want your cot to include drawers or space underneath where you can store some of that never ending pile of baby clothes, toys and gadgets.

A changing table isn’t necessarily a must-have: you could change your baby on a towel on the floor and have the same desired effect. But a changing table is not only at the perfect height for baby changing – something that you’ll appreciate during those first few days after birth – but can double up as extra storage if it includes shelves, cupboards or drawers. A table also gives you a place to keep everything together and easily accessible during diaper changes.

If you still need extra storage for your baby’s mountain of clothes, you’re going to want to choose a piece of furniture for that. Choose something that will easily fit everything without you having to completely empty it to find what you’re looking for! Dedicate a small space to line up your Baby Moccs (https://babymoccs.com/) which will look adorable in your nursery – and don’t forget a pair of Chelsea Leopard Moccasin Boots (https://babymoccsfashion.myshopify.com/collections/boots/products/chelsea-leopard-moccasin-boot) for a splash of color!

Whether your breastfeeding, bottle feeding or have stopped feeding, a comfortable chair is a great place to cuddle up to your little one for a story before bedtime and during those night wakings!

A rug is essential for creating a soft play area on hard floors, and if you have carpets, rugs are much easier to clean or replace. Choose something that you’re not going to have a breakdown about if it gets ruined, but is a comfortable space for your baby to spend some tummy time or playing with their toys.

Keep a toy box in your nursery at a height that your baby is able to reach so that they can choose toys for themselves. This is also a great way to start teaching them about putting their toys away once they are finished playing.

During the evenings and in the night, you’re going to want a subtle light that can be turned on in your baby’s room. This could be a lamp, a nightlight, or a string of ball lights, but choose something that will illuminate the room enough for you to find your way around, and maybe read a story.

Shelves are always useful for storing things off of the floor, and can be used for books, trinkets, gifts, and anything else that you would like to display or don’t have a home for!

So there you have the nursery essentials…after this you could consider adding décor and plants to really make the room into a special and beautiful place that you and your baby enjoy spending time together.