About Baby Moccs

Meet Our Founder – JoAnn Lennon

The first steps of a child are one of the most precious moments a family can witness, and one of the biggest milestones in a little human's exploration of life. Getting up on two feet and looking at the wonders of the world around, is when the life journey really starts.

We are "Baby Moccs" and we make baby shoes for all the explorers out there who won't stop from running towards their next adventure anytime soon. Our brand was born from our founder JoAnn's love for children and the miracles they bring in our lives. Combined with her passion for fashion and her ambition to succeed, "Baby Moccs" brings new life in baby fashion with creative designs and the cutest styles. We strive to provide you with shoes that last, and the best prices you'll find.

JoAnn personally selects and designs the patterns of the next shoes of your little ones. Our Moccs are fun, trendy and affordable. We love what we do. We love children, and we love seeing them smiling and running around happy.