Our Products

100% Genuine Certified Leather.

Soft, durable, and lightweight.

Perfect for growing feet.


  • All of our shoes are made with

    100% Genuine Leather

    Our shoes are all made with the finest genuine leathers and all bear the Baby Moccs logo on the insole.

  • Our Style

    We believe in creating designs that are classically timeless and will wear beautifully.


Our smallest sizes are soft, durable, and lightweight, so they won't slow your little one down. They are designed with comfort in mind while protecting those tiny toes from the environment.

New Walkers

Our shoes are designed with all the benefits of being barefoot while safe and stylish. Our beginner walker sizes have soft soles to promote the best orthopedic bone and muscle growth for your child.

Advanced Walkers

We have something for all stages from crawlers to new walkers to advanced walkers! Keep in mind that our soles do vary by size to suit each stage of your child's development.

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